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Duplicating stories
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If you are an educator you can duplicate your own or another educator's stories. This will save a copy of a published story to your drafts. You can then edit it and publish it as another story. This is useful if you’d like to write a similar story for another child, or if you’d like to add the story to your educator portfolio.

Duplicating stories will also enable you to quickly create and adapt a series of individual stories using similar content. They are an alternative to group stories for when you want to customise the content or permissions for individual children.

How to duplicate a story

There are two ways to duplicate stories:

1. In your Latest activity stream, click the grey arrow at the top right of any story you or another educator have created, and from the dropdown menu select Duplicate:

2. Or, click on a published story and once you've opened it, click the Duplicate button at the top of the screen:

Once duplicated, a copy of the story's content will open in the story editor. You can now edit any aspect of the new story – content, children and learning tags. You can then either save it to your drafts, publish it as a child story, or save it to your educator portfolio.

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