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Early learning services who use QikKids for their childcare management software can export a list of their children to upload to Storypark. Simply follow the steps below.

When you first set up your early learning service, you can upload multiple children really quickly from your QikKids account. Just follow the steps below.

1. Go to your early learning service's ‘Children’ page.

2. Find the ‘Add new child’ link and under this click ‘or add multiple children’.

3. Under ‘Step 1’, download and open the spreadsheet template provided:

4. Log in to QikKids.

5. Click on 'Reports'.

6. Click on report type ‘Children’.

7. Select the ‘Child Information Summary’ report (double-click):

8. Export Excel Spreadsheet to email:

9. Retrieve the Excel Spreadsheet from your email and open the document.

10. Delete all columns except for 'ChildLast', 'ChildFirst', 'Gender' and 'DOB':

11. Rename your columns and change the order to 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Birthday (dd/mm/yyyy)' and 'Gender (m/f)'.

12. Highlight all data within the Excel Spreadsheet.

13. Go to the menu section ‘Data’ and ‘Remove Duplicates’:

14. Highlight the ‘Gender’ column and replace ‘Female’ with ‘f’. Replace ‘Male’ with ‘m’.

15. Highlight the ‘Birthday’ column and ensure date format is in ‘dd/mm/yyyy’:

16. Save document as CSV file.

17. Open the file.

18. Copy and paste each column of children's details from your QikKids file to the Storypark template you’ve downloaded. Begin underneath the headings ie. on row 2, making sure to follow the format provided exactly:

When you’ve finished click ‘Save’.Note: it must be saved in the same format provided (a .CSV file).

20. Click the ‘Choose file’ button and find the template you’ve just edited (check your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder if you can’t find it):

21. Click the ‘Import’ button and wait for the children to be imported.

Each time you add multiple children, make sure you download a new blank template rather than reusing an existing one with children already added, so you don’t create duplicates of the children.

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