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Educators: An educator's guide to the Families app
Educators: An educator's guide to the Families app

Basics for educators to understand the Storypark for Families app experience

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When families have a Storypark account and are connected to at least one child's profile, they can view and interact with it from the Storypark website or the Storypark for Families app:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that educators have about the Storypark for Families app:

How can families download the Storypark for Families app and what devices is it available on?

iOS users can download the free iPhone app from the App Store - it can be used on an iPhone or iPad.

Android users can download the free app from the Play Store here - it can be used on any Android tablet or phone.

What can families see/do on the app?

This depends on if they are connected to a child's profile as a non-Admin or Admin family member. Note: Educators can check this under the Family tab on a child's profile.

Non-Admins can only see and comment on Stories and Family Moments.

Admins can see and comment on:
Plans (that have been shared with them)
Community posts
Child notes

If the service they attend uses routines, they are also available to view on the app.

Admins can also edit or delete their child's profile, save images and manage other family members' connection to the profile through the app.

Note: To access the complete range of Storypark features, families can still access the browser version of Storypark through any device as well. This includes creating stories and child notes, and exporting child profiles.

Which languages does the app support?

The Storypark for families app currently supports English, Canadian French, German, Japanese and te reo Māori. Families can also add text in any language.

For families who speak other languages, we recommend accessing Storypark from the website instead. From their web browser, they can turn on a translator extension like Google translate which can translate any webpage into most languages.

Where can families get help with the Storypark for Families app?

Our help centre has an area dedicated to the Families app. Articles there are written specifically with parents and family members in mind. Feel free to share any article links via a community post or conversation with your families.

Storypark's customer support team also loves helping families - they can call or email and even send a message to the team from within the app:

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