If they cannot see anything after accepting your invitation:

- If your child has multiple profiles, you may need to check that you’ve invited your family member(s) to the correct profile.

You can ask the Storypark support team to merge your child's profiles, if they do have more than one.

- They may also want to check if they are logged in with exact same email address that you sent the invite to. They can confirm the email address they are logged in with from their profile settings under the settings cog at the top right-hand corner (on the website), their profile icon (families app - iOS) or the account icon (families app - Android).

If they can see some parts of your child's profile after accepting your invitation:

You may want to check if you’ve invited them as an Admin or non-Admin, as they will be able to see different things depending on their membership.

You can invite family as a non-Admin, who can only see and comment on stories and family moments or as an Admin who can see and comment on plans, community posts, child notes and start conversations with educators as well. Admins can also edit or delete a child's profile, save images and manage other family members' connection to the profile.

You can change a family member's access (Admin <-> Non-Admin) to a child's profile at any time.

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