Using Storypark with Xplor
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We have a range of customers that use Storypark for their family engagement, documentation and assessment, and Xplor Office for their centre administration.

Xplor also has a product called Xplor Playgrounds which is their version of Storypark.

Xplor Office and Xplor Playgrounds are separate products. If you use Xplor Office, you don’t need to use Xplor Playgrounds as well.

You have a choice about what is best for you, your educators, and your children – you don’t need to compromise.

"We've got really good engagement happening in Storypark, and so much information stored there, I can't imagine changing and re-training staff." - Ashleigh, Director at Brightstart Preschool

Customers using Xplor can add large numbers of children from Xplor into Storypark by following the instructions here.

If you’d like to keep your list of teachers and children in Storypark more synchronised, or updated at the start or end of the school year, contact us and we can talk through your options.

Xplor is a CCMS that provides a range of administrative functions for early learning services, including payment collection, accounting integration. For more information about Xplor, check their website.

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