When you first set up your early learning service, you can upload multiple children really quickly. Just follow the steps below.

To export your children's list from Xplor, you firstly need to export your children's data from Xplor. You can do this by navigating to Profiles > Children > Top Right Export > Master CSV.

1. Go to your early learning service's ‘Children' page.

2. Find the ‘Add new child’ link and under this click ‘or add multiple children’.

3. Under ‘Step 1’, download and open the spreadsheet template provided.

4. Under ‘Step 2’, begin copying and pasting your early learning service's children from your Master CSV that you exported out of Xplor to the template on row 2 (underneath the headings), making sure to follow the format provided exactly.

Make sure the dates are entered in the format DD/MM/YYYY. If your format differs or the field is left blank, it will result in an error. North American (YYYY/MM/DD) or Japanese users (MM/DD/YYYY) who have exported from another system will need to change the format of the Birthday column to UK or Australia.

In Excel, select the cells you want to format and press CTRL+1. On a Mac, press Control+1 or Command+1. In the Format Cells box, tap the Number tab then in the Category list, tap Date. If you want to use a date format based on how another language displays dates, pick the language under Locale. Learn more about using Excel.

Or, Learn how to do it using Google Sheets.

When you’ve finished click ‘Save’ – it must be saved in the same format provided (a .CSV file).

5. Under ‘Step 3’, click the ‘Choose file’ button and find the template you’ve just edited (check your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder if you can’t find it).

6. Click the ‘Import’ button and wait for the children to be imported.

Each time you add multiple children, make sure you download a new blank template rather than reusing an existing one with children already added, so you don’t create duplicates of the children.

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