This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account, and who've subscribed or are trialling Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform. If you are interested in testing Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, add your details here.
For an explanation of key features, read our short guide, Network admins: Finding your way around teacher portfolios.

As a network administrator, you have the same access as a Manager contributor-type by default, without needing to be invited. 

You can support your teachers' use of their portfolios by first going to your network dashboard and reviewing the plan counts for all teachers in your organisation.

The Plan count column is based on the planning categories that you've set up in your network planning templates (eg. Appraisal, Development, Inquiry, Goal, Meetings...) and you can quickly see how many active plans of each type/category your teachers have. Learn how to set up network planning templates.

If, for example you have specified that everyone in your organisation must have an 'Appraisal' plan, you can tap the Category dropdown at the top to select 'Appraisal', then in the Plan count column it will display the number of active appraisal plans each teacher has in their portfolio. If they don't yet have any, you'll see a dash.

You can tap on the name of any teacher to view and contribute to their portfolio, just as their manager might. In the above example, you might like to visit the portfolio of a teacher who is missing their Appraisal plan and start that plan on their planning page for them. Learn how to create a teacher portfolio plan.

For the different ways you can support your teachers through their teacher portfolios, read our guide for contributors, Different ways you can contribute.

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