Network admins: Access Multi-site Management
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This article is for administrators of a group of services on a network account.

Multi-site Management

For services that have been set up as a network in Storypark. Network administrators can access additional features through Multi-site Management.
Here they can manage the following information:

  • Network reports: View activity and engagement stats across all your services

  • Branding: Add your network logo, web address and tagline across all your services

  • Signup page: Add information for teachers when they sign up

  • About page: Add information for families when they visit their service’s ‘About’ page

  • Learning sets: Control the learning sets that your services will get when they sign up. The learning sets you add to your head office account will be the ones you can access in your network dashboard.

  • Planning templates: Create and manage your network planning templates


Your head office

All networks are automatically assigned a Head office service which can be found in your left-hand navigation panel alongside any other services you are part of. Head offices work in the same way as any other service, but by inviting and removing people to and from your head office you control who can access Multi-site Management.

As well as providing a way to access your Multi-site Management, your head office service is where you create the learning sets and planning templates that are displayed in your Multi-site Management display.

Note: If you already had an account where you managed your network planning templates and learning sets, we’ve made this your head office account. Any admin who is part of this service will have access to network features so please make sure that only your network administrators are invited to this service.

If this is an issue for any reason, eg. you use this service for other purposes, such as creating exemplars or experimenting with features, get in touch and we can create a new service for you. Learn how to remove educators from a service.

Accessing Multi-site Management

Network admins can access this by logging into their Storypark account, clicking the cog in the top right and selecting Multi-site Management:

To navigate back to the service you were viewing before, click the cog again and select Back to


Managing access to your head office

You can invite people to, or remove them from, your head office, just like you do with any other service:

  1. Click Invite at the top of the page, and make sure the Teacher tab is selected

  2. Enter the email of the person you'd like to invite to your head office, and include an optional message

  3. If you are part of multiple services, make sure your head office is selected next to Centre. It may be called 'Head office', 'Management group' or something similar

  4. Tick Admin so they have full access rights.

An email will be sent to the recipient inviting them to join your head office service. If they don't already have a Storypark account they will be invited to sign up first.

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