This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account, and who've subscribed or are trialling Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform. If you are interested in testing Storypark's new Teacher Portfolio platform, add your details here.

What is a teacher portfolio?

A Storypark teacher portfolio is a teacher's own space that travels with them throughout their career, from studying to a placement to teaching to mentoring. Their portfolio will connect with your organisation while they work with you, but at its heart it is their own space, and will grow as they grow.

Storypark's teacher portfolios are designed to help your organisation to:

  • Support ongoing capability development to strengthen quality practice, consistency and impact across your organisation

  • Promote ongoing reflective and intentional teaching that improves outcomes for children

  • Align teachers with your purpose and goals

  • Enable your professional learning and development to go further, to be reinforced and collaborative

  • Streamline important processes such as appraisals and accreditation

  • Set, work towards and save evidence against teachers' goals

  • Enable more collaboration between teachers and their managers, mentors and peers

  • Each teacher to have their own space they feel proud of

  • Keep everything in one place, removing the need for multiple platforms and trainings.


How do I find our teachers' portfolios?

You'll find a list of all teacher portfolios within your network dashboard. If you haven't visited your dashboard before, or you don't yet have access, please see our article Access your network dashboard through your head office.

When you visit your network dashboard you'll arrive in your Reports > Services area. Next to Services, tap 'Teacher portfolios'

You'll see a list of all teachers in your organisation, as well as the number of active plans they have in their portfolio based on each of your network planning templates (eg. Appraisal, Development, Inquiry, Goal, Meetings...)

If you see a number this is how many plans the teacher has in their portfolio with that category attached.

If you see a dash (-) the teacher has no plan with that category in their portfolio.

Visit a portfolio

Tapping a teacher's name in your dashboard will take you to their portfolio which you can navigate and contribute to. Tapping the status of a plan will take you directly to that plan.

A teacher's portfolio – key features explained

A teacher portfolio is made up of Conversations, Stories, Contributors, Planning, and Reports.


This is where you'll arrive when you tap on a teachers name from your network dashboard. It displays all plans that have been started from a network template. Learn more about teacher portfolio plans.


Displays all people who can access and contribute to this portfolio. Network administrators are not shown here but have access by default. Besides network access, there are three contributor types: Manager, Direct Manager and Contributor, each with different permissions. Learn more about contributors here. For new portfolios, network administrators will need to designate Manager access. Learn how to set up contributors as Managers


Displays all conversations with this particular teacher that you've started or contributed to, in a stream. Learn more about conversations.


Child stories

Displays all stories that teacher has created about children at any early learning service you are both a part of. You can change the story order and filter the stories that are shown by tapping ‘Filter stories'.

Portfolio stories

Displays any portfolio story created by the portfolio owner and made visible to their contributors. Portfolio stories are private by default to the owner but can be made visible to their contributors if they click the arrow in the top right of the story preview card and select which of their contributors they'd like to give access to. Learn more about portfolio stories.


Analyse trends in the teacher's teaching and professional learning by looking at how they've been applying tags to stories, over time. Learn more about reports.

Who can access a portfolio?

While each portfolio belongs to the individual portfolio owner, while they work for an organisation that manages a subscription to their portfolio, network administrators and managers have certain permissions over parts of it beyond what a standard invited contributor has.

Network administrators' and managers' additional permissions include:

  • The ability to invite, change permissions of, and remove contributors from your own network/organisation.

  • Having automatic access to plans created from your network's templates.

For more information see, Contributors and permissions in teacher portfolios.


What happens when a teacher leaves?

Teachers can switch services within your organisation without affecting your access.

But if they leave your network completely their portfolio will now be archived and accessible by clicking 'Archive' under your network dashboard reports 'Archived' tab.

An archived portfolio contains a locked version of any shared network plans the educator created while they worked within your organisation. Both you as network admins and the portfolio owner themselves will have access to these locked plans but neither of you will be able to open them unless the educator rejoins one of your services.

Next: Find out how you can best support your team's use of teacher portfolios.

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