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Using network reports to monitor your services
Network admins: Invite and remove teachers from individual services
Network admins: Invite and remove teachers from individual services
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This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account.

As a network administrator you can manage teacher access within each of your services. From the main reports page click on a service's name in the left-hand column of your main reports page.

You'll be taken to that service's reports page. Learn more about individual service reports.

Make sure you have the 'Teachers' tab selected, then scroll to the bottom to see the list of teachers at that service.

Here you can see each teacher's name, the email address they use to sign in to Storypark, whether or not they are an admin, along with their Storypark activity stats.

As a network administrator you have admin rights for each service which means you can invite teachers, change a teacher's admin rights and remove teachers from their service.


Invite a teacher

At the bottom of the table, click 'Invite a teacher to this service'.

Fill in the fields and when you're ready send the invite. 

The recipient will receive an email invitation and from there will go through the usual sign-up process. If they had previously joined Storypark they will now be added as a teacher at this service.


Change a teacher's admin rights

To make an existing teacher an admin, or remove admin rights from someone, simply click the checkbox in the 'Admin' column.

This could be useful if for example all the service admins are away and another teacher needs admin rights to do their job, eg. to post stories without needing them approved, to edit stories written by other teachers, or to change the share settings on a plan.


Remove a teacher

To remove a teacher from a service, click the '×' next to that teacher's name. You'll be asked if you're sure and on confirming that teacher will no longer have access to the service.

Note: This won't delete the teacher's Storypark profile, it will simply remove their access to the service. Any stories they've written can still be accessed by the other teachers and families.

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