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Got a question?

Our team can best assist if you give them as much detail as possible about your query. Feel free to let them know how you are accessing Storypark (platform, browser name and device) and provide screenshots if you can/it is relevant to your query.

Email our customer support team at or send us a message through our app/website using the Messages tab

From the Storypark app:

Tap on your profile and select Ask Storypark a question:

M-Support-h/l ask a question

From a web browser:

Tap the little blue chat icon and send and send us a message through the Messages tab:

W-Support-h/l Support message

Find help

If you are an educator or a parent with a child who attends an early learning service explore the rest of the help centre here.

Parents and families that signed up to Storypark through the iOS or Android Families app can find help about the app here.

Get advice from the Storypark community

Join the Storypark professional practice community on Facebook, a space to ask questions of other practitioners and the team at Storypark.

Talk to a Storypark advocate, experienced educational practitioners and specialists who can give you an independent opinion about how Storypark works and the difference it can make.

Do some training

  • An Introduction to Storypark

  • Getting the most out of Storypark

  • Engaging Families in Storypark

  • Introducing Storypark planning

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