By default, learning sets are private, ie. only visible to those that create them. 

Public sets on the other hand are sets that are available to every teacher that uses Storypark, worldwide. These are created by Storypark in consultation with regional education specialists, or they are created by Storypark users who have created and shared their set publicly.

When you share your learning sets this way you’re helping to build a global knowledge base where early learning teachers around the world can learn from one another. 

Examples of public sets might include a country’s or a state’s curriculum (eg. Te Whāriki, Early Years, International Baccalaureate etc).

Public sets can be great learning tools for teachers in early stages of their career and professional development. They mean you don’t have to create your own sets from scratch, and browsing other teachers’ public sets can help reveal practises that can be applied to your teaching.

The Storypark-created sets will appear at the top of the public sets list, and user-created sets will be listed alphabetically below these.

To learn more about creating, selecting or adapting public sets, please read this article.

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