If the original invitation hasn't been accepted yet:

1. Go to your early learning service’s ‘Children’ page.

2. Find the child who’s parent’s email you’d like to change – it should say ‘Pending invite’ with the incorrect email address in brackets.

3. Click the red 'x'.

4. Confirm you want to delete the invite, and a blue ‘Invite parent’ button will appear.

5. Click the ‘Invite parent’ button to send a new invitation.

Alternatively, you can see a list of all your pending invites by going to your children page and at the top, clicking 'Pending':

Here, you can edit the parent's email address and resend the invite:

If the original invitation has already been accepted:

You’ll need to get in touch with the parent and let them know they’ll have to log in and change their own email address following the instructions in this article.

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