Navigating Storypark Insights

Learn about navigating the dashboards in Storypark Insights including using filters and drill-down tools.

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This feature is currently only available to multi-site organisations. If you're part of a multi-site organisation and are interested, contact your account manager to ask about Storypark Insights.

In this guide learn about:
​Navigating dashboards: Using filters
​Navigating dashboards: Drill down
Navigating dashboards: Insights by service
Navigating dashboards: Pie charts and bar graphs

Navigating dashboards: Using filters

On each dashboard, filters can be applied to narrow down what is presented on screen.

One or more filters can be applied at one time. If multiple filters are applied, changing one filter influences the others. Filters are relative only to the dashboard you are on, they don’t carry across the dashboards. They can be reset at any time.

1. Filter by groups you’ve created in Multi-site Management.
These could be care type (eg. Early learning services, Family day cares, Out of School Hours care etc), region (eg. State, suburb) or quality rating.

2. Filter by individual or multiple services
All services are selected by default, unselect All and select one or multiple services, then Apply:

3. Filter by date range
​Most but not all dashboards have a date range filter. If there is one, by default the date range will be the last twelve months.

Select from a list of set time ranges (by hour/day/week/month/quarter/year) or create your own relating to:
Static period - pick two dates to measure measure between
Relative period - a length of time relative to today e.g. the last 4 weeks

4. Cross filtering by selected data
Select any individual bar in a graph or segment or a pie chart to cross filter a dashboard. As the dashboard must be filtered by a date range, the selected data is cross filtered (filtered by selection in another filter).

Click on the individual bar in a graph or segment or a pie chart and the dashboard will reload:

The filter will also appear at the top:

Reseting filters

At the top of the dashboard next to the applied filters, click the undo arrow to reset the applied filter(s):

Note: Reset is to reset all filters.

​Navigating dashboards: Drill down

On each dashboard, statistics can be drilled down to view the data at a more granular level.

Click on the statistic and a chart will pop-up over the dashboard:

Data on charts can be sorted by ascending or descending. Hover over the column heading and click the arrow to adjust the column.

Navigating dashboards: Insights by service

At the bottom of most dashboards, there is an Insights by service chart, for example:

These charts support comparing and contrasting service activity and performance in more depth.

By default the services are sorted alphabetically but each column of the the chart can be selected to re-sort the services in the chart according to their data point ascending or descending.

Using the example above, re-sorting by the all routines column means the chart is now ordered by the number of routines created by each service from most to least:

Clicking on the name of a service in this chart will filter the whole dashboard to show only that service's data.

Navigating dashboards: Pie charts and bar graphs

Both pie charts and bar graphs can be interacted with gain more information at a glance.

Interacting with pie charts
1. Hover the cursor over a segment of a pie chart to see further detail such as the percentage of the whole:

2. Click on a segment to cross-filter the current dashboard by that segment:

3. Click on a segment's descriptor to temporarily remove it from display (it will be greyed out until clicked on again):

Interacting with bar graphs

1. Hover the cursor over a bar within the graph to see further detail:

2. Click on a bar within a graph to cross-filter the current dashboard:

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