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Learn about the discontinuation of photo books and the other available options

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Since 2014 Storypark has provided Admin family members with the ability to create bespoke photo books using images from their child’s individual stories. We’ve made the decision to wrap up our partnership with the photo book provider, Milkbooks. This will take immediate effect from October 20th, 2023.

What does this look like on Storypark?

From October 20th, 2023 the Photo Books tab will no longer appear on children’s profiles:

What happens to photo book orders placed before October 20th, 2023?

Orders placed before October 20th will not be affected and families can still contact the Milkbooks support team for help with their order at any time.

What alternatives are there for families wanting photo books via Storypark?

All families can access their child's profile for as long as they'd like to. This means they can continue to access Storypark and their child's stories even after they've left your care.

At any time, Admin family members can request an export of all their child's stories and notes. This is a collection of digital files that can be saved to their computer. The export includes all of the stories and notes as they appear on Storypark, as well as a seperate file of just the images. These can be printed or sent to their photo book provider of choice.

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