If a parent or educator has multiple Storypark accounts under different email addresses, they'll need to be aware of what each account has access to.

While some parents and educators may want seperate Storypark accounts, some may have set them up accidentally.

You can login and out if each account to see the content that each account has access to.

If you don't log out if one account and then login to the other, you can run into an access issue which looks like the following error screen:

To avoid this and have everything under one account, our team can merge the multiple educator or parents accounts into one.

Send us an email at hello@storypark.com. In the email, you’ll need to confirm:

- the name of the parent or educator whose accounts these are
- the emails they have in use on Storypark and which email address they would like to use from now on.

For security reasons, this request does need to come through from the learning service Storypark Admin (i.e. not the parent or a non-admin educator).

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