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I get an error when filling out an invite
I get an error when filling out an invite
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Occasionally when filling out and trying to send an invitation on Storypark, you may get an error.

These errors often relate to the following:

- Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields on invites are generally marked with an *, to indicate that they must be filled out to send the invite.

For example, all Storypark invites are sent via email, this means that when filling an invitation, the email address (to send the invite to) is one of the mandatory fields.

If not filled out, you'll get an error:

Mandatory fields must be filled out before you can send your invitation.

Email errors

When filling in an invitation to send, it's possible that an error message will pop up under the email field.

It could be because of the following:

1. Formatting or hidden spaces
If copy and pasting the email, you may have also pasted in a hidden space or formatting from a programme that our system doesn't support.

For example, there is an extra space at the beginning of this email:

We recommend typing out email addresses where possible, instead of copy and pasting.

2. Misspelt or invalid email
The email address you've entered is misspelt or doesn't exist - double check with the recipient if you are unsure.

For example:

3. Unsupported email provider
Storypark doesn't support the use of that particular email provider (this is rare but occasionally happens, please contact the support team - for help if you think this may be the case.)

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