You can update the email address you use on Storypark at any time to a new one.

If you try to update your email address on Storypark but receive an error message, it could be because of the following:

- You are trying to update to an email that is already in use on Storypark

- The email address you've entered is misspelt or doesn't exist

- Storypark doesn't support the use of that particular email provider (this is rare but occasionally happens, please contact the support team for help if you think this may be the case.)

The email is already in use

If you try to update your email to one that is already in use on Storypark, you'll get this message on the website:

Or from the educators app you'll get an Oops! message:

From the Families app, a 422 error message:

If the email does belong to you, this means you have two seperate Storypark accounts.

Our support team can merge these for you if you only want one Storypark account.

To ensure both accounts belong to you, we require a Centre Admin to confirm this. If they send us an email at, with both emails and which one you’d like to use going forward, we can help.

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