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Families: If you have more than one child at an early learning service
Families: If you have more than one child at an early learning service
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You only need one Storypark account to access all your children's profiles.

Accepting invites from your child’s early learning service

If you accepted an invitation to Storypark from your child's teacher they may have already added one or more of your children. If so, you should see your child or children’s names in the opened menu when you are logged in.

Your child’s teachers will need to send you separate invitations for each child.

If you only have access to one child it is likely your child’s teacher has only sent you one invite. Ask them to send you an invite to the child you don’t have access to (using the same email address with which they invited you to the other child’s profile). Then, when you receive the invitation:

  1. Click the ‘Accept’ link in the email invite you’ve been sent.

  2. Log in with the account with which you've already signed up.

  3. All children should now appear in the menu.

If you already have a Storypark account

If you have already joined Storypark, and either added a child, or accepted an email from a previous early learning service, you'll be given the choice to accept this invitation for a child who is already in Storypark, or to add a new child.

If you select '[Your child's name] doesn't already have a profile on Storypark', your child will be added for the first time.

If you select 'This invitation is for [Your existing child's name]' you will simply be linking the new early learning service to your existing child's profile in Storypark.

Adding your own children

1. Click the settings button that looks like a little cog at the top of the page.

2. From the drop-down menu select 'Add child'.

3. Complete the simple form, adding your child’s name, birthday, gender, profile image and permissions, ie. those in your family that you wish to grant access to your child’s profile.

4. Click ‘Save’ and you’ll be taken to your child’s profile page where you can create stories and notes about them, and invite family members or an early learning service.

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