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Families: Observe a child's progress with tags
Families: Observe a child's progress with tags
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What are Learning tags?

Learning tags are like labels or keywords that you can attach to learning stories.

Educators use learning tags to relate stories to elements of the curriculum, outcomes, goals, values, culture, interests or subjects. This makes it easier for parents and family members to understand how their child’s behaviour within a story relates to learning outcomes or the curriculum.

Each tag consists of a tag name and an optional description. The tags you attach appear to the right of each published story. The optional description is visible when a user clicks on a tag attached to the story.

Filter stories by tag

  1. Go to a child’s profile page.

  2. Above your child’s stories, on the right of the page, click on the Filter by: button.

  3. In the drop-down box, (if your child has stories with tags in them) click on any tag in the list and you’ll be shown only the stories with that learning tag in them.

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