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Educators: What are Storypark learning sets?
Educators: What are Storypark learning sets?
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Storypark learning sets (located in the learning set library), are learning sets that are available to every educator who uses Storypark, worldwide.

These are created by Storypark in consultation with regional education specialists and with permission from the original authors. Storypark learning sets can be great learning tools for teachers in the early stages of their career and professional development.

From your services Learning sets tab, Storypark learning sets can be viewed all at once using the All regions tab, or split into sets specific to your location and local regulations using the My region tab.

Learning sets don't have to be created from scratch, and browsing Storypark learning sets can help reveal practices that can be applied to your own teaching.

If you see a Storypark learning set within the Learning set library that would suit your service, an admin educator can add a copy of the Storypark learning set to your service, which can also be adapted to suit the cultural or individual needs of the early learning service.

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