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Child’s voice audio comments
Child’s voice audio comments
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As well as commenting on stories yourself, you can comment from the child's perspective. It is important to revisit stories with children, and helping a child to actively comment on their own stories using their voice is a great way to involve them.

Teachers can easily create audio comments when using the iOS app or the Android app as you can record comments directly using your device’s inbuilt microphone.

But if you wish to comment by audio on a computer you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the story you wish to comment on.

2. Click in the text field where it says ‘Write a comment…’.

3. Click your profile image beneath the comment and a drop-down menu will show all the children that are part of the story.

4. Select the child whose perspective you wish to share.

5. Click the microphone symbol and a drop-down box will appear. 

6. Find and select the audio file you wish to upload (it must be an MP3 or an M4A file) on your computer’s hard-drive and click ‘Open’. 

7. Wait for the file to finish loading.

8. Click the ‘Post’ button. The comment will be published and shown as coming from that child.

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