You can make comments by opening any story or post and clicking in the comment box. On your ‘Latest activity’ page you can comment in the box beneath the story preview.

On any ‘Stories’ page, where stories appear as ‘tiles’, click the tile and the full story view will open in a box in front of the page. Here you can make comments in the area to the right of the story.

Comment on a story using text

Open the story you wish to comment on and type directly into the text field that says ‘Write a comment…’.

The text field will expand to give you additional options.

Once you’ve finished, click the ‘Post’ button and you’re comment will be published.

Comment on a story using recorded audio

This works best using the Storypark for Teachers iOS app or Android app as you can record comments directly using your device’s inbuilt microphone. But if you wish to comment by audio on a computer you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the story you wish to comment on.

2. Click in the text field where it says ‘Write a comment…’.

3. Click the microphone symbol and a drop-down box will appear. 

4. Find and select the audio file you wish to upload (it must be an MP3 or an M4A file) on your computer’s hard-drive and click ‘Open’. 

5. Once the file has finished uploading, click the ‘Post’ button and your comment will be published.

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