Who can see conversations?

Conversations can only be seen by the author and the participants they choose to select in the conversation.

You can see exactly who is in a conversation at the top of each conversation, tap or click on the number of people it's been shared with:

Where can I find conversations?

Educators can access conversations from the Storypark website, Storypark for Educators - iOS or Android apps.

Storypark website:
You can find all the conversations you have started or been part of on your Conversations page, accessed by clicking the Conversations link under either your name or My portfolio from the left-hand menu:

iOS Storypark for Educators app:
On the iOS Storypark for Educators app you can find existing conversations under the Community tab.

1. Log into the Storypark app.

2. Tap the Community tab from the bottom menu bar.

Community posts and conversations are under the same tab. Community posts (for your service and any rooms) have a yellow house icon and use the name of the room or service. Look out for participant's names to identify conversations:

Android Storypark for Educators app:

1. Log into the Storypark app.
2. Tap the Conversations tab in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

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