Your early learning service’s profile is visible to your Storypark community - educators and family admins, but not non-Admin family members.

To access this area, click About link beneath your early learning service’s name in the left-hand menu:

You can use this space to describe the service you provide. It has three parts:
a central text area, with contact details, and documents on the right-hand side.

The central text area

Here, you could add, for example, your:

  • early learning service overview

  • mission statement

  • philosophies and values

  • history or story

  • curriculum

  • information about teaching staff

  • anything else that is important to your early learning service and community.

Contact details

Display your:

  • contact address

  • contact number

  • email address

  • website.


Upload useful files for your teachers and family members to download. You can upload most types of files, but common filetypes are PDFs, Word docs and photos. You could upload, for example:

  • information sheets

  • forms

  • philosophy statements

  • policies

  • curriculums

  • newsletters

  • reports

  • a picture of your early learning service and staff

  • any other documents important to your early learning service and community.

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