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Educators: What is an educator profile?
Educators: What is an educator profile?
This is about Storypark's original Educator Portfolio features.
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This article is for those using the standard (basic) Educator Portfolio features. Find information on trialling or subscribing to Storypark's premium Educator Portfolios

Educator profiles are visible to the other educators in their Storypark community. Parents and family members can’t view or access an educator’s profile.

You can access your own educator profile by clicking your name in the left-hand menu and choosing an option beneath that.

To access another educators profile go to your early learning service’s Teachers page, and click on that educators' name.

An educator profile area has three parts: Conversations, Stories and Reports.

An educators’ conversations

An educator’s conversations page is where educators can reflect on ideas, goals, assessment, documentation practices etc and have conversations with other educators about them.

Note: Conversations are private to the author and the participants they select, so you will only see the conversations that you have been added to, and those you created.

An educator's conversations are associated with each individual, not the early learning services they teach at. This means your conversations will remain accessible, and free, to you even after you've left your current early learning service.

Learn how to create a conversation, here.

An Educator's stories

The stories page has a drop-down menu where you can access your portfolio stories, or switch to a service where you've created stories for children.

My portfolio

Educators can create or duplicate any story and save it to their portfolio. There are a couple of settings in regards to who can view their portfolio:
- They can choose who can access their portfolio stories page in their profile settings. - They can also select which of their portfolio stories to share with those people.

Educator's portfolios are associated with individual educators, not the early learning services they teach at. This means your portfolio stories will remain accessible, and free, to you even after you've left your current early learning service.
Learn how to create a portfolio story here.

An educator’s stories about children

Click the drop-down menu and then the name of the service to see all the stories that you have written about children there.

Note: You'll only see stories for children who are currently at your service. For this reason, if you wish to keep a record of any particular stories, we recommend you duplicate the story and save it to your educator portfolio before the child leaves your service.

Clicking the ‘Ordered by:' button on the right-hand side will show you a drop-down menu with various ways to arrange the stories on that page:

View the story order by:
Recent activity - stories with new comments or edits appear first
Story date - date the story was published
Story title - alpha-numerical order by story title

You can also filter stories on this page by the learning tags applied in them. Click on the ‘Filter by:’ button, and then on any tag in the list to only see stories with that learning tag applied to them. One potential use for this is to view a list of the tags that have been used in your past stories so you can see where any gaps are and develop capability in future stories.

An educator's reports

Educator's each have their own reports page so they can analyse trends in their teaching over time.

Learning trends allow you to select a time period that you’re interested in and reveal the learning tags that you used in either your educator portfolio stories or the stories you wrote for children.

Learn more about trend reports here.

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