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Educators: Add tags to a story
Educators: Add tags to a story
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Learning tags are like labels or keywords that you can attach to stories. Adding tags to your stories lets you ‘tag’ your learning outcomes or curriculum (eg. Te Whāriki, Early Years, International Baccalaureate, 'milestones' etc), and lets you group and filter published stories by tag.

The more learning sets you have, the more tags you'll see in your editor. We suggest working with no more than 6-8 relevant learning sets to keep tagging stories manageable.

In this guide learn about:

1. Add or delete an existing tag to a story
2. Reviewing your tags and learning tag descriptions before publishing

Add or delete an existing tag to a story

To the right of the story editor and beneath the child selector there is a panel with an Add tag button:

Learning sets are simply a collection of learning tags, organised within folders.

Clicking Add tag will open a pop-up window where you can browse all of the learning sets currently at your service:

You can either search for a tag, or click on the name of the set to see the associated folders and tags:

If you click any tags within this window and then select Done, they'll appear on the story, under 'Learning tags’. These are the learning tags that will show next to the published story. If while you're creating your story you make a mistake you can simply remove the tag by clicking the ‘x’ to the right of it:

Reviewing your tags and learning tag descriptions before publishing

Before you add tags to a story, you can review what you've selected, as well as referring to their descriptions. The descriptions help if you are still learning about the curriculum or outcomes you are using, or just need to refresh.

You can find the descriptions in several places.

Tap the question mark next to the tag:

You can also see them by reviewing all the tags you've selected. Tap the total in the bottom left-hand corner of the window:

From there, tap on any of tags:

You can also check them once you've added them to a story - draft or published:

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