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Educators: If a parent hasn’t accepted your invitation
Educators: If a parent hasn’t accepted your invitation
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There are a number of reasons why a parent might not have accepted your invitation:

You sent the invite to the incorrect email address

  1. Go to your early learning service’s ‘Children’ page or to the Family section of a child's profile.

  2. Find the child who’s parent’s email you’d like to change – it should say ‘Pending invite’ which when clicked will display the incorrect email address/es.

3. Click 'Delete'.

4. Refresh the page and a blue ‘Invite parent’ button will appear. Note, the Invite parents button is only visible when there are no parents invited. So if you’ve invited two parents you will need to delete both to see the button.

5. Click the ‘Invite parents’ button to send a new invitation.

Alternatively, you can see a list of all your pending invites by going to your children page and at the top, clicking 'Pending':

Here, you can edit the parent's email address and resend the invite:

A parent needs to add Storypark to their 'whitelist'

If you've confirmed the email address is correct and the invite emails are still not being received, there may be an issue with the parent's mail server.

Ask them to add to their whitelist (or email safe senders list).

Their email provider's server is offline or has blocked Storypark as a sender

If you receive another error message from us after the parent adds to their whitelist, the parent will need to check with their email provider to see why Storypark emails are not arriving.

Their email provider has marked the invitation as spam

Ask the parent to check any spam or junk inboxes that they have.

A parent hasn’t checked their email

A gentle reminder in person or by phone can let them know they have an email waiting.

A parent has concerns or is unsure what to do

Make sure the parent has been given information about Storypark and read the ‘Getting started’ resources.

Invite the parent in to your early learning service for a chat. You could help the parent through the sign up process on a computer at your service.

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