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Working with draft stories
Working with draft stories

Learn how to save, edit or delete a draft story

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A draft story is a story that you have started but not yet published. When you save an unfinished story, it becomes a draft story.

In this guide learn how to:
Save a draft story
Find and edit a draft story
Delete a draft or multiple draft stories

Save a draft

When you are ready to finish your session (but not ready to publish), tap the Save and exit button in the blue bar above the story to save it to your drafts folder to finish later.


Once you begin writing a story it saves automatically to your ‘Draft stories’ folder. Autosave that runs in the background a few times every minute as you create your story – this means your work is saved to our database even without intentionally clicking a 'save' button.

You can see whether your story has been autosaved at the bottom left of your story.

Stories across multiple tabs or devices

❗Important: Sometimes educators will have the same draft story open in multiple tabs or devices. This causes the autosave to run in the background of each version, which compete with each other and work can be lost from the story.

You'll see a pop-up window to prevent the above happening. If there are multiple versions of a draft story open, a pop-up window will appear on the first version of the story:

1. Update to the newer version - This means only the latest version of the story is kept and the old version is lost.

2. Continue with the older version - This means only the first/older version of the story is kept and we remove the newer version.

3. Create a new draft with the older version - This means you end up with copies of both versions. This is the best option if you are unsure which version you want to keep.

Find and edit draft stories

To find your draft stories on the Storypark website, click the menu button at the top left, and from the menu click Draft stories:

Click the story you wish to view and you'll be taken to the unpublished story in the story editor. From here you can choose to Edit, Delete or Publish the story. You can also continue saving the story in your drafts to come back to later.

If you accidentally remove text from a story or lose work whilst having it open across multiple tabs or devices, contact our support team, they may be able to recover that for you.

Delete a draft or multiple draft stories

From your draft stories folder, delete individual drafts by tapping on the bin icon on the story's preview:

To delete multiple drafts in one go, tap Manage drafts at the top right-hand corner and select as many drafts as needed:

If you've scrolled down to select multiple drafts, scroll back up to the top of the page and tap the red delete button. Once you've confirmed your selection, all the selected drafts will be deleted from your draft stories folder.

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