A draft story is a story that you have started but not yet published.

Save a draft

Once you begin writing a story it saves automatically to your ‘Draft stories’ folder. Autosave saves your story a few times every minute – you can see whether your story has been autosaved at the bottom left of your story.

When you are ready to finish, click the Save and exit button in the blue bar above the story to save your unfinished story to your drafts folder to finish later.

Find and edit draft

To find your draft stories on the Storypark website, click the menu button at the top left, and from the menu click Draft stories:

Click the story you wish to view and you'll be taken to the unpublished story in the story editor. From here you can choose to Edit, Delete or Publish the story. You can also continue saving the story in your drafts to come back to later.

If you accidentally remove text from a story or lose work whilst having it open across multiple tabs or devices, contact our support team, they may be able to recover that for you.

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