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Educators: Change a parent’s email address
Educators: Change a parent’s email address
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Parent's email addresses may need to be updated for a variety of reasons – they may have changed jobs, or they may have forgotten their password.

If a parent contacts you about wanting to change their email address, there are a few ways to respond.

If the original invitation hasn't been accepted yet

1. Go to your early learning service’s ‘Children’ page.

2. Find the child who’s parent’s email you’d like to change – it should say ‘Pending invite’ with the incorrect email address in brackets.

3. Click the blue 'x'.

4. Confirm you want to delete the invite, and a blue ‘Invite parent’ button will appear.

5. Click the ‘Invite parent’ button to send a new invitation.

Alternatively, you can see a list of all your pending invites by going to your children page and at the top, clicking 'Pending':

Here, you can edit the parent's email address and resend the invite:


If the original invitation has already been accepted

If a parent has already accepted their invitation they would need to update this themselves through their profile settings. 

Get in touch with the parent and let them know they’ll have to log in and change their own email address following the instructions in the article changing your email address.

If the parent is unable to access their account, or if the invite was accepted by the incorrect parent, let us know at and we'll clear this for you. We'll need you to confirm:

  • the child's name 

  • the email address the invite was originally sent to

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