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Families: Invited to Storypark but already have an account
Families: Invited to Storypark but already have an account
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If you have already joined Storypark as a parent/guardian, and either added a child, or accepted a new email invitation from an early learning service, you'll be given the choice to either:

- add a new child profile

- or accept this invitation for a child that you already have access to

Storypark will ask if you would like merge the profile you are being invited to with any of the child profiles you are already connected to. For example:

If the invite is for a new child (i.e. you don't have a profile for this child already) you won't want to merge them.

Can the profiles be un-merged later?

Profiles cannot be un-merged, so we recommend contacting either the child's service or the Storypark support team if you are unsure.

What does it mean to merge two child profiles together?

Storypark is focussed on making sure that each child's learning is at the centre of all we do. It has therefore been designed so that everyone in that child's learning community can share, respond and support.

If your child is across more than one service that uses Storypark, you may want to merge their profiles, so there is just one profile across the services. Merging means that instead of two seperate profiles, each service's work is on one profile.

The child is attending two services at the same time - if the profiles are merged what can educators at each service see?

There are deliberately limitations to what can be shared between the services and these apply only if your child is active currently at both services. Only INDIVIDUAL stories and child notes are shared. Any conversations, plans, or group stories are kept strictly between you and the service.

However, you can limit this further if you would prefer. When you receive the new invitation, you can click 'Accept new profile' instead of choosing to merge the profiles. This means the child will have two seperate profiles. You will still get the updates from each service at the same email.

Each service can also opt on their end to prevent the other service from seeing stories about the child. For more on this, see Children at Multiple Services.

The child used to attend another service and has moved to a new one on Storypark - if the profiles are merged what can the old educators see?

If you accepted an invite from a new service and your child had a profile from an old service, as long as they removed your child, the old service will not see anything posted by the new service.

Does merging affect or change the content from each of the child's profiles?

No, all of the content from each profile is then put onto the one. Only the profile image from one service would be lost.

I didn't follow the prompt to merge the profiles, but now I'd like to merge my child's two profiles, help?

Our support team can also help you merge profiles later if needed. If you are a family Admin for both profiles, you can email them with the name of your child and birth date to have them merged on your behalf.

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