Educators can invite two family members (usually parents) to a child's profile.
It is then their choice as to which other family members or specialists get invited to access the child.

Inviting family members

Only family Admins (this includes the parent who accepted the initial invite, and any family members they’ve made an Admin) can invite other family members to a child’s profile. This relieves teachers of any further work inviting individual family members, and ensures parents approve of everyone who has access to their child’s profile. Learn more about family Admins.

If you wish to help parents invite family members, you can direct them to this article.

Inviting specialists

Besides family members, a parent may want to involve other experts to help support their child’s learning. These may include speech language therapists, teacher aides or other experts and specialists.

As with their family members, it’s a parents choice as to who they invite to their Storypark account, what level of access they have and for how long.

If you wish to help parents invite specialists, you can direct them to this article.

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