Child notes and stories can be linked together, enabling continuity and observation of the learning journey.

In this guide learn about:

You may want to use this feature to:

  • Link a new note to an original observation

  • Show how you plan to support a child’s particular interests and development

  • Create 6-monthly goals with parents and show the child’s progression on each goal through individually documented stories over time

  • Link parent feedback to an observation

  • Note potential next steps relating to a particular story

Linking a new note to a story

1. Start by creating a new child note.

2. Click the link/chain icon:

3. Select the story or stories you want to link to your child note:

4. Click Done and the selected stories will be linked to your note:

5. Finish writing your note and click the Post button.

6. Once your note has been posted, anyone viewing the note will be able to click on the story link to instantly view the story.

Linking a note to a new story

Storypark makes it easy to link a note straight after publishing a story you've written.

After publishing you will be taken directly to the story and from there you can tap Add link in the sidebar. This opens a pop up where you can link to a child note you have already created.

Note: You will only be able to view the notes of the child/ren currently selected in the story you are on, i.e. when trying to link a child note to Abby's story, only Abby's child notes will be available to select.

Linking child notes to another existing note

1. Start by creating a new child note.

2. Click the link/chain icon:

3. Select the Link to a note tab at the top:

4. Select the note or notes you want to link to in your child note.

5. Tap Done and the note will be embedded into your new note.

6. Finish writing your child note and tap Post.

7. Once your note has been posted, it will show the existing note that you linked to:

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