If you have received a Storypark invitation by email, it means someone you know (either a teacher or close family member) wants to share a child's stories and learning with you.

Click the blue 'Accept your invitation' button in the email and you’ll be taken to a simple 'Sign up' page where you can enter your name, and choose a password. Please choose a password you will remember but that is difficult for someone else to guess.

Clicking 'Next' will take you to a consent form where you're shown a summary of important issues associated with privacy and behaviour to which you are required to give your consent.

Once you've agreed to the consent form, you'll be taken into Storypark and shown a video:

Once you've agreed to the consent form, you can access your child's stories, leave comments, create your own stories and invite family members.

Please make sure you accept the link in the email rather than signing up yourself on our website. If you sign up any other way your account will not be linked to your child's profile.

If you already have a Storypark account

If you have already joined Storypark, and either added a child, or accepted an email from a previous early learning service, you'll be given the choice to accept this invitation for a child who is already in Storypark, or to add a new child.

If you select '[Your child's name] doesn't already have a profile on Storypark', your child will be added for the first time.

If you select 'This invitation is for [Your existing child's name]' you will simply be linking the new early learning service to your existing child's profile in Storypark.

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