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A guide to setting and managing story approval

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What is story approval?

Story approval is a feature that can be turned on for individual educators that requires someone else to approve their stories before they are published and visible to family.

If story approval is turned on for an educator, when creating a story, instead of a Publish button the teacher will see a Submit for approval button:

Once a story is sent for approval the approving educator(s) will be sent a notification with a link to the story that needs approved. They can then make any changes i.e. fix a typo and then click the publish button to publish the story on behalf of the author who sent it for approval.

Note: Story approval is off by default when a new service starts. Admins will need to turn this on for each educator they require to be under approval.

Where can I find stories pending approval?

As well as receiving a notification, the approver(s) can find stories that need approving on their Pending stories page.

To get to this page from the website, click the menu button at the top left of the page and select Pending stories:

You can then select the story that needs approval, make any changes, or simply Publish.

Alternatively, from the iOS Storypark for Educators, tap the Me tab to see pending stories under your name.

Who can control story approval?

We highly recommend that services always select more than one approver, so that educators stories still get published, even if one approver is sick or away.

Admins can set up story approval for any other educators (Admin or non-Admin). An Admin can also turn on approval for themselves if they want their stories peer-reviewed. Only Admins can turn off story approval for themselves.

Admins can choose any educator at the service (Admin or non-Admin) to approve stories.

Turn story approval on or off

1. Click on your early learning service's name at the top of the page to go to your early learning service's profile page.

2. Click the Teachers tab. Find the teacher whose stories you wish to approve, and in the top right corner of their tile click the small arrow. From the drop-down menu select Turn on story approval. Admins can do this for themselves and for others.

3. Then select the teacher(s) who you want to be assigned to approving that teacher's stories:

4. To turn it off click the arrow next to the teacher's name again and select Turn off story approval.

Changing or updating approvers

Any Admin can reset the approval for educators.

To do this, you can go to the main Teachers page and find the drop arrow on a Teacher's profile tile. Click on the arrow and select 'Turn off approval'. Once you have done that, turn it back on and this will reset the approval, giving you the chance to re-select exactly which staff will approve for the educator.

You can repeat these steps for each educator that you wish to set to have stories approved.
Note: When you reset the approval any currently pending stories get sent back to the author's drafts folder. You will need to ask them to resubmit those, so their new approver(s) can access them.

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