What are conversations?
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Conversations are private messages educators can have with other educators at their service and/or Family Admins in their learning community.

You can choose who you wish to have a conversation with, send them a message and communicate back and forth over time. Conversations are separate to stories and so enable teachers and parents to talk privately about things without it being part of the child or educator's main learning journey.

Here are a few ways you can use conversations:

  • Build your strategic teaching and learning plan by enabling focus groups to share documents and have ongoing conversations on specific areas.

  • Help newly qualified teachers share personal reflections one to one with mentor teachers.

  • After conferences, discuss new ideas and research with your team.

  • Plan events and celebrations with attached Excel spreadsheets.

  • Send readings, links and articles to your team.

  • Handle procedure reviews by selecting parents, sharing documents and getting their feedback.

  • Share ideas, support your peers, discuss particular children.

  • Share videos you found interesting or inspirational of talks and topics you find on the web, eg. Youtube, or TED.

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