On your 'Children' page, clicking the 'Sort by:' button will show you a drop-down menu with various ways to arrange the children on that page.

You can sort by: age, name, latest story, or pending invites. This is useful for larger centres who need to find specific children on this page quickly.

Next to the 'Sort by:' filter here are three options that show the status of your parent invites:

  • 'Unconsented'  shows the children whose parents have signed up but not agreed to the consent form. Learn more.

  • 'Pending' shows the children whose parents you've invited but who have not yet accepted. Learn more.

  • 'Yet to invite' shows the children who have been added but whose parents have not yet been invited. Learn more.

Clicking any of these will open a pop-up window showing the list of parents and the next steps you can take.

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