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Educators: Welcoming your teaching team to Storypark
Educators: Welcoming your teaching team to Storypark
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Once you've made the decision to implement Storypark it's important to make sure any members of your team who haven't been involved in the process so far feel welcome and excited about getting started.

Our implementation plan guides educators through three easy stages – everything they need to know to go from a Rookie to Storypark Guru.

Share the implementation via a conversation in Storypark or print it out for your team.

Below is an example email/letter that you can send to your team:

Dear (insert name),

(Early learning service/group name) is committed to helping teachers, parents, families and communities work together in providing the best learning opportunities for young children.

We are excited to announce that we will be implementing Storypark – a private online space to ensure every child receives the best support possible and that families are involved and up to date with children’s development.

Storypark provides each child with a private online community which is owned by parents and travels with their child throughout their learning journey.

Storypark helps:

  • improve understanding of each child’s interests and abilities so they receive even better support

  • deepen relationships and strengthen communication

  • create a portfolio of children’s learning via videos, photos, audio and text

  • reinforce experiences, deepen insights and assist planning

  • support collaboration and communication with teaching teams

  • record and report against Registered Teacher Criteria, National Quality Standards and other standards

  • involve the children in their portfolio

  • interact quickly and effectively through iPhone, Android and tablets

  • create smooth transitions when children move from ECE to primary.

Click here to download more information about Storypark, check out their website, or watch this video.

You will be invited to Storypark by your Centre Manager – just accept the invitation and you'll be part of the centre's Storypark community.

All educators should attend one of Storypark's free workshops – you can register for one that suits by clicking here.

Storypark has developed a range of resources to help you get started. Download their implementation plan and a welcome resource that you can share with families to welcome them to Storypark.

For questions contact: (your name and phone number)

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