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Educators: Planning templates in my region - New Zealand
Educators: Planning templates in my region - New Zealand

Learn how to access planning templates specific to your region and what's included

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This article includes information about planning templates in New Zealand. For planning templates in Canada or Australia, click the country. Find information on general templates.

In this article:

What are planning templates in my region?

A planning template is a plan that is pre-populated with regularly used content, from which you can start a new plan. Templates are designed to save you time so don't have to start from a blank slate every time you want to create a plan.

The My region tab is home to templates specific to early childhood requirements in your area. You can also access all other templates (i.e. not specific to your region) by clicking the All regions tab.

About each template

Individual child's plan

Record individual child’s areas of interests and develop along with educators focus and plans to extend and add complexity to their learning. Link parent aspirations, evidence of stories, photos, video and notes to provide a rich story of progression and learning over time.

Teaching council quality practice statement template with standards

Supporting your understanding and requirements for documenting your centre’s QPT. Enabling all of your team to gather, record and link evidence to your plan.

Family contact plan

Supporting the planning and arrangements required to ensure the regular contact with families during periods where access to your centre may be limited.

All about me

Designed to better support educators in getting to know a child and their family. Enabling educators to work with the information shared by the family which can be added to as a child develops and grows.

Annual plan

Create your services Annual plan based on the MoE ​​requirements and can be adapted to meet your requirements. This plan can link to and provide the base for your long term strategic plan.

Meeting agenda and minutes

Create your agenda and record your centre, room, group, or meetings minutes. This plan supports the recording of items covered, attendee, actions required and progress of actions.

Effective internal evaluation for improvement

Providing the structure to involve and guide your centre’s internal evaluation process to support improvement and monitoring of change.

Monthly events calendar

Share all your centre’s events with your families, keeping them up to date with what is happening each month. This plan can also be used as an educator only events calendar to inform and remind your educators of important events, meetings and time-bound actions.

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