Introduction to the recognition widget

An overall guide to understanding the recognition widget, its purpose and how to use it with Educator Portfolios

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This article includes information on the new premium Educator Portfolios platform.

In this guide:

What is the recognition widget?

The recognition widget was created with the intention to make providing feedback more enjoyable and offering an opportunity to easily recognise all the good things educators and managers bring to your service.

The recognition widget sits on the portfolio homepage for each educator and manager and is only available for services trialling or those subscribed to Educator Portfolios. Find more information on Educator Portfolios.

How to send recognition and who can see them

To send recognition to a colleague using the recognition widget, you must be their contributor. You can see if you have been added as their contributor by visiting your team dashboard and looking for their name in the teacher column. If you cannot find their name, ask them to add you as their contributor.

If you have already been selected as a contributor, visit their homepage using your team dashboard or centre's teacher page and clicking the name of the colleague you wish to give recognition to. Locate the recognition widget and click 'give recognition in the bottom right corner. enter your message and click 'post recognition'.

Stuck on what to say? Click the 'tips' button in the bottom left corner of the widget to get some insight into how to formulate your message.

Once your recognition has been posted, any contributors and managers of the portfolio owner can view the recognition you gave.

How to delete a recognition

Deleting a recognition you've received

Don't like a recognition post you received? Simply find the post using the arrows or 'show all' button and click the red rubbish bin on the recognition you would like deleted. Once deleted, neither you or your contributors can view the recognition.

Deleting a recognition you've sent

Made a spelling mistake on your recognition? Want to add some more specific examples for your recognition post? Visit the colleague's recognition widget on their home page and locate your recognition post. Click the red rubbish bin to delete the message. The post will be deleted for everyone.

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