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In this guide:

  1. What is the todo widget

  2. How to add, edit and delete a new todo

  3. How to assign a todo to someone

  4. Who can see my todo list?

What is the todo widget?

The todo widget can be used in any way you wish, after all, it's located on your own educator portfolio which is a place dedicated to your professional growth and development. A few ways you may use the widget include:

  • To list your main priorities for non-contact time

  • To remind yourself to document a portfolio story or child story

  • To request someone to provide feedback on a plan you created

The todo widget also allows you to add todos to other team member's lists and your contributors can add to yours. This makes collaborative tasks and remembering your responsibilities even easier to complete.

The todo widget sits on the portfolio home page for each educator and manager and is only available for services trialling or those subscribed to Educator Portfolios. Find more information on Educator Portfolios.

How to add, edit and delete a new todo

Todos can easily be added by clicking on the widget and typing into the new todo bar. Once you have finished writing your todo, press enter.

To edit a todo, simply click on the entered todo or click the red rubbish bin to delete it.

Note: you can only edit and delete todos that have been added yourself. Todos assigned by your contributors cannot be deleted or edited by the portfolio owner.

How to assign a todo to someone

You can assign a todo to anyone listed in your team dashboard. This includes people who have selected you as a contributor, as a manager or admin. You can find your dashboard from the lefthand menu under 'my team's portfolios'.

To assign a todo, visit the person's portfolio homepage (by clicking their name from the team dashboard or using your centre's teacher page) and click on their todo widget. You can edit or delete the todo's you leave by clicking on the todo on their homepage.

Who can see my todo list?

An easy way to understand who can see your todo list is by clicking the question mark located in the top right of the widget. Your todo list can be seen by all contributor levels and all contributor levels can assign todos. Only you can tick off todos and edit/delete your own todos assigned by yourself.

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