If you are connected to a child’s profile as a Family Admin and the child’s learning service has the Conversations feature switched on for parents, you’ll be able to start a Conversation with the teachers at your service.

This would be private to the author and whoever they choose to include in that Conversation.

To start a Conversation from the Families App:

1. Click on the plus button in the top right of the Community tab.

2. Search for the educator’s name in the list, select the name and then click 'Start'.

3. Type your message, and attach any images or documents you wish to share. When you are ready, click ‘Send’.

If you are not able to see the names of educators at your centre listed, you may be a non-admin family member or the centre could have chosen to turn the Conversations feature off for parents.

For more on family admins see: Choose which family members see the content for each child

For more on the Community tab see: The Community tab in 'Storypark for Families'

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