Child privacy in Educator Portfolios

Information and obligations towards child rights, safety and privacy in your Educator Portfolio

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This article includes information on the new premium Educator Portfolios platform.

Storypark has a commitment to child safety. This includes working with educators so everyone understands their rights and obligations when it comes to saving work in their portfolios.

Terms of use and parent consent to use child content in Educator Portfolios

When parents sign up to Storypark they agree to Storypark's Terms of use, and they sign a consent form that gives you the necessary permission to maintain a portfolio for educational purposes.

Our Terms of use, under '12. Rights and obligations of an Early Childhood Provider' state:

  • "Further, teachers at Early Childhood Provider centres are entitled to retain copies of parts of Child Content for the purposes of documenting their own progress as teachers, provided that such child content does not personally identify any child and otherwise complies with the above requirements. Each such teacher can include such content in their own Educator Portfolio, and such Portfolios may be maintained and used by the respective teachers during and after their engagement by any particular centre for the purposes of their development as teachers."

Our parental consent form states:

  • "[Child]’s profile will be linked to their early learning service’s account and be accessible to any educator invited by [Child]’s early learning service for educational purposes. This may also include educator’s mentor or supervisors who support their teaching."

Your obligations

Your original stories may include children's names, photographs and videos. In order to respect children's rights and privacy you have an obligation under our Terms of use to make sure that when you save these stories to your portfolio they do not personally identify any child. This means removing children's names and personal details from any portfolio story.

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