Note on the language we use in this article: 'Organisation' means a network that owns multiple services. 'Service' means a service or centre that may or may not be part of an organisation.

The new educator portfolio platform includes a number of paid features that you don't get with the free version. These include Contributors, Planning, Goal cycles and Reviews. If you have these features, it means that your service or organisation has been paying a subscription for you to have a Storypark educator portfolio.

Educator portfolios are associated and co-managed by your service or organisation while you work there, but ultimately live in your own Storypark profile which can travel with you throughout your career, no matter where you work. This means that your portfolio will remain accessible to you even after you've left your current service. The additional paid features may be limited though depending on whether or not you move to another service or organisation.

Are you moving to another service within the same organisation?

If your subscription is with a multisite orgainsation and you are moving to another service within this organisation you will continue to have access to your portfolio and nothing should change for you.

Are you moving to a different organisation or leaving altogether?

If you are moving to a completely different service or organisation, or if you are leaving but not moving to a new service then read below to understand what will happen to the different areas within your portfolio.

Your contributors

Your portfolio contributors are selected from the educators and managers at your service or organisation, so when you leave you will lose all of the contributors from that service or organisation. If you join a new service you will be able to select contributors from your new colleagues.

Goal cycles and cycle reviews

The goal cycles on your homepage are created by your network or service administrators and assigned to you based on your role. Some cycles might include a self review or manager review. These cycles and the accompanying reviews will still be accessible for your records after you leave, but they will show as archived and you won't be able to link further stories and plans to them.

Your portfolio plans

There are two types of portfolio plans – ones you create from a network or service template, and blank plans you create from scratch.

  1. Plans created from a template are associated with the service or organisation who created the template. This means that when you leave, both you and your organisation will keep a copy of each plan. These plans will be moved to your Archived plans area and be locked so you cannot edit or comment on them further.

  2. Blank plans you create from scratch are not associated with any service or organisation and are considered yours alone. When you leave your service, you will still have access to these plans in the Open plans area of your portfolio.

Creating new plans is a paid portfolio feature so once you leave your service you won't be able to create any new plans (until you join a new service that has an educator portfolio subscription).

Your portfolio stories

Portfolio stories are not associated with any service or organisation and are considered yours alone. Portfolio stories are a free feature so when you leave your service you can continue to create portfolio stories and have access to any stories you've previously created. If you join a new service, then you'll be free to share your portfolio stories with your new contributors, even if they don't have an educator portfolio subscription.

Your conversations

Conversations are also not associated with any service or organisation and are considered yours alone. When you leave your service you can continue to start conversations with anyone you are connected to through Storypark, eg. your own family members, and you can view any conversations you've previously had.

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