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Network admins: Set up contributors as Managers in Educator Portfolios
Network admins: Set up contributors as Managers in Educator Portfolios

Assign contributors Manager access so that they can help support your educators alongside you.

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This article is for administrators of a group of services on a 'network' account, and who've subscribed or are trialling Storypark's Educator Portfolios platform. Request a free trial.

To learn about different types of contributors and what each can do, first read an introduction to contributors and an introduction to managers. These will give you an understanding of the permissions of each type of contributor.

When your organisation first starts with Educator Portfolios, only the portfolio owner and you as a network administrator will have access to each portfolio.

Portfolio owners can visit their contributor page and add anyone they like from any service they work in, as a contributor. Contributors invited by portfolio owners have limited access (comment or edit).

Network administrators can also visit the contributor page of each portfolio and add contributors. Unlike portfolio owners, you can assign a Manager or Direct Manager contributor-type to each person you add. If a portfolio owner has added a contributor who you think should have Manager or Direct Manager access, then you can change their contributor-type.

Once someone is a Manager or Direct Manager within a portfolio, they have the same permissions as you, ie. they can add, remove, and edit the contributor-type of any contributor within that portfolio. This means that contributor management isn't purely on the shoulders of network administrators. It can be jointly managed with the managers of your teams.

Note: Contributor-type is limited to an individual portfolio, ie. a contributor can be a Manager in one portfolio, but only a standard contributor in another.

Adding new contributors

After you've chosen a contributor, select Manager, check the box if it's a Direct Manager, then tap 'Add contributor'.


Making an existing contributor a Manager or Direct Manager

In a portfolio Contributors page, on any contributor tile tap the little triangle in the top right corner and select the contributor type.

Note: If an educator works in two organisations and has invited contributors from both, you can only change the contributor-type for people in your own organisation.

Managers and Direct Manager permissions

Managers and Direct Managers have the same level of access as each other, the difference is only in what notifications they receive.

Direct Managers receive notifications of certain activity within a portfolio, such as when plans are started. This is so they can support their direct teams where needed.

Managers don't receive any notifications and instead must visit their contributor dashboard to see what activity has been happening. This is because Managers could potentially be contributing to hundreds of portfolios and could be overwhelmed with notifications that aren't relevant to them.

Note: If a (non-Direct) Manager wants to receive notifications of updates to their teams' portfolios they can simply change their status to 'Direct Manager'.

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