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Educators: How do I restore a child?
Educators: How do I restore a child?

Restoring or unarchiving children who have previously been archived from your service.

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In this guide learn about:
1. When a child's profile can be restored
2. How to restore a child's profile
3. If you cannot find a child's profile to restore

Note: This information does not apply to services using a CCMS integration. If your service's Storypark is integrated with a CCMS provider, child profiles must be edited and archived/restored there.

When can a child's profile be restored?

Centre Admins can restore any children who have been archived from their service within 90 days. You can see the date they were archived on their tile:

If the child was archived from a service more than 90 days ago, the option to restore directly will be greyed out:

After this period of time, you need to use the invitation process to gain consent from the parent to have their child’s profile active at your service again.

To do this, the parent can invite you following these instructions to Invite a new service.

Alternatively, you can create a new profile for that child and invite the parent using their current Storypark email address.

When they receive the invitation, they should accept it and indicate that this is the same child when the prompt appears. This will then merge the original profile with the new one. The child tile will disappear from your Archived tab and you will have one profile for that child on the Active Children page.

For more on this, check out When you have an Existing Account.

How to restore a child's profile

To restore a child, simply go to your service's main Children page and click on the Archived tab from the options on the right: 

On the Archived page, you can search for the child you wish to restore using the search box on the left, or filter by Name or the date they were archived on.

Find the tile for the child you wish to restore, click the dropdown arrow at the top right and you should see the Restore button. Click to confirm and the child will be returned to your Active Children page.

Can’t find the child you wish to restore?

If a child's profile has been deleted, they will not show up on the Archived page.

A child's profile can be deleted in two ways:

  1. Their profile was archived more than thirty days ago and did not have any family connected to their profile.

    If you really need to restore a child who is no longer on the page, you can get in touch with our Customer Success team to request help. Please provide the child name, birthday, and service name, we may be able to restore the child up to a further thirty days from the date it was removed from the Archived page.

  2. A child's profile will also disappear from the Archived page if the child's parent chose to delete their child's profile from Storypark completely.

    When this happens, admins at your service receive an email to say they have seven days to download the child's stories and notes for their records. After seven days, the child's profile is deleted from Storypark completely and you will no longer have access to it.

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