Families: Delete Your Account

If you no longer want to be on the Storypark system, you can delete your account.

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Careful! If you delete your account, you will be removed from the system and your account and stories will be gone.  

We honour the information we are entrusted with, so our support team has a short window of time to recover your account if you accidentally delete, before it is gone forever. If you are unsure whether you want/need to delete your own account, feel free to contact our support team before going ahead.

If you are the only Family Admin connected to a child's profile, deleting your own account will also delete their profile.

To delete your account:

  1. Go to www.storypark.com in your internet browser

  2. Log in with your email and password

  3. Click on the setting button at the top of the page.

  4. From the drop-down menu select ‘Account’. 

  5. Information on this page will tell you what happens to the information you’ve added or had access to in Storypark when you cancel your account - this includes services and child profiles - please read this carefully before moving ahead.

  6. At the bottom of the Account page click the Cancel my account button. 

  7. A pop-up window will ask if you’re sure. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.

  8. Your Storypark account will be deleted.

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