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Notification Settings for 'Storypark for Families'
Notification Settings for 'Storypark for Families'
Choose which notifications you want to recieve and how often via the Families app.
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Within the Storypark for Families app, you can manage the email and push notifications sent to you for different kinds of posts. For example, you could opt in to receive emails for new stories, but not for new community posts.

In this guide learn how to:

Find your notification settings:

  1. Login to the Storypark for Families app

  2. Tap on the Me icon at the bottom right-hand corner

  3. Then tap on Notifications settings.

Manage mobile push notifications

The top section of the notification settings will help you select which posts you want to receive push notifications for.

Slide the toggles to the right to receive notifications, and left to turn them off:

You can always come back to this page adjust the settings if you change your mind.

If you've turned off notifications in your device's settings, all the toggles within the app will be greyed out and cannot be changed. You'll need to enable them in your device settings first, before managing them individually within the app.

Tap the red Enable on this device button to be taken to your device's settings:

Test push notifications

At the bottom of the push notification section, there is the option to send a test push notification:

This is to ensure your device is set up correctly and ready to receive push notifications. Tapping this will create and queue a push notification, which will go only to your device and should take around 30 seconds to arrive. If after tapping this, you don't receive a push notification, log out of the app by going back to the Me tab and tapping the Log out button:

Then, log in which will re-register your device for notifications and try tapping the test notification option again.

If you've tried these four steps and still don't receive a test notification, please contact our support team with your device details and let them know the steps you've taken so far.

Manage email notifications

Below the notification settings for mobile, are the email notification settings.

Slide the toggles to the right to recieve notifications and left to turn them off:

Note: Educators can mark community posts as an announcement, for urgent or time sensitive updates. Announcements override email notification settings. This means even if you have not opted to receive emails about new community posts, Family Admins will still receive notifications for community posts that have been marked as an announcement.

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