Download and sign in to the 'Storypark Families app' (If you are already a Storypark user, use your current email and password to log in). 

  1. Head to your Home timeline, via the icon in the bottom left-hand corner :

  2. Use the top navigation tabs to switch from 'Family' to 'Education'. 

  3. Your child's education stories should appear here. If not, you could be experiencing one of the following:

  • Your education provider has a different email address for you. (You should sign up to any Storypark product with the same email address as it's how we link parents to teachers). 

  • There is an error with your account. Please get in touch with our support team. (Provide screenshots where possible).

On the 'Home' tab, tap 'Education' at the top of the page. Your education stories will appear on this feed.

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